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Aberdeen Bowling Club

Founded 1883

Aberdeen Bowling Club Update – July 2022

I hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely summer weather we are experiencing.  We had a very successful coffee morning last week despite the weather which was not too kind to us.  We did however manage to accommodate everyone in the clubhouse and under the awning.
We are thrilled that we managed to raise £1201.50.  This is due to the support of the many visitors and friends of the club who were so generous in selling tickets, donating to our stalls and coming along to support us on the day.  We were very lucky to receive some very generous cash donations from our members too.
The breakdown of our total sum is as follows:- Ticket sales £483.50, Raffle £342.00, Stalls £285.00 and donations £91.00.
We had money  and donations trickling in last week so we waited for a week to give you all the very good news.
A huge thank you to all members and friends for their help and support and of course a huge thank you to all who helped on the day and for the preparation in the run up to the Coffee Morning itself.  You are all well aware that these events do not happen by themselves.  Our green was looking terrific and thanks go to our members who have been working tirelessly to keep the green and gardens surrounding the green looking fantastic with endless weeding, pruning and planting.  You will have noticed that the front gate has been painted too.  We are so grateful and thankful to all involved.  
It is so helpful for members who are up for a few ends to pull a few weeds on their way in or way out!  It is always much appreciated.
It has been lovely to see members using our green even if they only come for a few ends and meet up with friends.  
Our club competitions are going well although we could do with more members signing up for some of our club friendly matches so please keep your eyes on the notice boards and sign up if you can.  It is all credit to Norman and Frances and the match committee who make endless phone calls to rustle up some support for these matches.  
We are looking forward to the Carlton Trophy, the Florence Pirie Quaich and the next club events which we hope some of our associate members will come along to.
Thank you again for the great support for our coffee morning which will make a huge difference to our club funds.
Look after yourselves and keep bowling!
Kind regards
Presidents Karen & Val and members of the committee

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